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Phoenix in the 新闻

Star 11 Gov AwardPhoenix Sintered Metals LLC recently earned the Prestigious "Governors Award for Safety Excellence"!

Driven by our commitment to the Operational Excellence Program in place at Phoenix, we have built a culture of mutual trust 和 respect with a tremendous focus on continuous improvement, always ranking safety as the top priority. We were one of only four companies in the state of 宾西法尼亚 to receive this award. Pictures of Award ceremony at Phoenix 和 at the Capital in Harrisburg, PA.

The Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence is a highly competitive award. The information gained from these nominations provides valuable best practices that are shared across the state.


Phoenix award group shot

Powder Metallurgy Review Fall 2021 CoverPhoenix was recently featured on cover of Powder Metallurgy Review - Fall Edition 2021. The focus was on potential new applications for Electric Vehicles. Phoenix Sintered Metals 和 customer, Dana Incorporated, won MPIF's PM Design Excellence Awards Gr和 Prize for the automotive category for their stepped planetary gear used in a rigid rear axel gear box for battery electric light commercial vehicles. 

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image002Phoenix MPIF Award 2021从左到右, 马克红润, 布莱恩Stebick, 罗伯·海耶斯, 安迪Shupe, 布莱恩Thisse, 和 John von Arx accept Gr和 Prize award

罗伯·海耶斯, VP of Engineering, John von Arx, Director, Sales & 市场营销, 和 布莱恩Stebick, VP of Technology 和 Business Development, Phoenix Sintered Metals LLC, 布若克韦, 宾西法尼亚, along with 安迪Shupe, Director of Gear Engineering 和 布莱恩Thisse, Director of LV Application Engineering, 达纳公司, 和马克红润, 顶点的销售, accepted a Gr和 Prize Award in the Automotive Chassis Category of the 2021 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition. The award was given for a stepped planetary gear used in a ridged rear axle gear box for battery electric light commercial vehicles.

They accepted the award for their companies at PowderMet2021: International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials in Orl和o, Florida.

Powder metallurgy (PM) is an automated metalworking process that forms metal powders into precision components used in applications such as auto engines 和 transmissions, 硬件, industrial machinery, 体育用品, 国防, 和武器. More than 800 million pounds of PM parts are made annually in North America.

The competition is sponsored annually by the Metal Powder Industries Federation, an international trade association for the metal powder producing 和 consuming industries.

Phoenix MPIF Award 2021Stepped Planetary Gear

安全里程碑Phoenix Sintered Metals recently achieved a SAFETY MILESTONE on 1/4/2021 by recording 3 years without a Loss time accident. Phoenix Sintered Metals was accepted into the Safety 和 Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) by OSHA in 2018. We are committed to protecting our most important asset - our people.
Here is an article published in our local newspaper: